What is WTW Meaning in Text Snapchat

You are also someone who is getting “WTW” messages on Snapchat? And you dont know what does this “WTW” mean right? Then dont worry we are here to tell you everything about “WTW” with examples to get more clarity on it.

What is WTW Meaning in Text Snapchat

Well WTW means “what’s the word?” in Snapchat. People use WTW to ask others what is happening around and what is new.

It is just like you are asking someone hey PAL whats going on or wassuup. It is just a common way to start a conversation with anyone. You should use this phrase in your daily life but before using it, just let the other person know what is the meaning of WTW.

Few examples of how you can use WTW in your conversation

Person A: Yo, WTW with the weekend plans?
Person B: Not much, just chilling. WTW for you?

Person A: Thinking of hitting up that new spot downtown. WTW, you down?
Person B: Absolutely, count me in. WTW for the rest of the crew?

Person A: Hey, WTW on that project?
Person B: Just started, you know how it is. WTW for your end?

Person A: Almost done. Let’s sync up later, WTW for grabbing coffee?
Person B: Sounds good, I’m down. WTW for the best time?

Person A: WTW for tonight’s game?
Person B: Can’t wait, it’s gonna be epic. WTW on pre-game plans?

Person A: Thinking of grabbing some food before. WTW, pizza or burgers?
Person B: Burgers for sure. WTW for meeting up?


I hope this article helped you to understand WTW very well. So now just share this information with your friend and teach them how to use it and use it. See you all in next article. Till then checkout our other articles related to more Snapchat slangs mentioned below.

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