King Javien Conde: Know The Whole Truth About Erica Mena’s Son

King Javien Conde hasn’t been very public, which is different from most famous kids. It’s interesting that most people have made guesses about his health. Even his mother’s part in his life has been called into question. How much do you know about this famous kid? 


Name King Javien Conde
DOB March 1st, 2007
Gender Male
Age 16 years old (As of 2023)
Place of birth New York City, United States
Nationality American
Mother’s name Erica Jasmine Mena

Who is King Javien Conde?

King Javien Conde is a well-known kid. A lot of people are interested in him because he is linked to Erica Mena.

He doesn’t want to be in the public eye like a lot of other famous kids do.

A lot of people have been worried about his health, which is strange.

King Javien Conde Age

King Javien Conde, who is better known as “King Conde,” was born on March 1, 2007. That makes him 16 years old in 2023. 

King Conde was born in California’s Los Angeles and now lives in Georgia’s Atlanta. His roots are in both Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, which he is happy to say.

How tall and heavy is King Javien Conde? 

Several reports say that King Javien Conde is 1.75 meters tall, or 5 feet 9 inches, and weighs about 60 kg. Also, we don’t know much about his other body measures yet. 

How King Javien Conde’s parents met and got married?

Raul Conde is his dad. Raul makes music videos and is a rapper. People first heard of him in the 1980s when he was the rapper for the hip-hop record label Terror Squad. He is also known for having a son with Erica Mena. 

Is Javien Conde King the biological son of Raul Conde and Erican Jasmine Mena?

Yes, Erica Mena does have an older child named King Javien Conde. Erica had him when she was only 19 years old. Raul Conde, an American rapper and music video director who used to be her husband, had an affair with her and they had him.

Is Erica Mena’s son disabled? 

She has a son with Raul Conde and a child with Lloyd Samuels. Neither of her children has any kind of disability. Fans of Mena have a lot of concepts about how Javien acts and have even questioned his mother’s efforts to help him.

What is the Net Worth of King Javien Conde in 2023?

It is thought that King Javien Conde’s net worth drops from $1 million to $5 million. It’s important to note that King Conde’s net worth comes from his parents’ extensive wealth and their successful careers.

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