Trendy & Stylish Takuache Hairstyles for Men

Before we go into the takuache hairstyle, let’s go over some cultural background. The Takuache movement began in Mexico and has since moved across borders, enthralling many who identify with its rebellious and flamboyant attitude.

You either love or despise a Takuache haircut; there is no in-between. Takuache haircuts are sometimes referred to as a lifestyle or the way one should live.

It is one of the Mexican haircuts you should attempt at least once in your life since it is sure to turn heads wherever you go. 

What is the Takuache Haircut?

The takuache hairstyle has been labeled the most despised and contentious haircut.

It also became popular as meme content in mainstream culture. Men and women equally attempt to avoid this haircut.

Despite becoming the topic of memes, many people still enjoy sporting this haircut. It attracts a lot of love-hate attention from the public.

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Top Takuache Haircut Styles

These takuache haircut ideas will make you stand out, whether you want to make a strong statement or give a nod to your cultural roots.

1. Takuache Haircut Mullet

takuache haircut

Bring back the mullet with a takuache twist, and watch how retro becomes revolutionary. The Mullet Revival Takuache is the ideal blend of the past and the present, providing a daring style for the daring spirit. It’s business in the front, fun in the back, and every style in between.

2. Takuache Haircut Fade

takuache haircut

As we all know, a fade is a cutting technique that layers the hair till it reaches the skin.

This is the most prevalent technique in takuache haircuts, and it is typically used on the side and back.

3. Classic Takuache Cut

takuache haircut

The Classic Takuache Cut is distinguished by its short sides and extended length on top. It’s a timeless style that pays respect to traditional Mexican hairstyles from the past. With its ageless charm, this cut is ideal for those who want to celebrate their cultural background while remaining fashionable.

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