What is r9 cut? What’s so Hideous About the Haircut?

Want to try something new with your hair? Today we are going to take scenic view over the best R9 cut ideas.

Ronaldo Nazaro, who is also known as R9, is one of the best football players in history. Fans were probably blown away by the skills he showed on the field. Some of the choices that the great Brazilian soccer player made were hard to understand.

Ronaldo was in great shape after scoring in every game for Brazil in the group stage and round of 16 of the 2002 FIFA World Cup. But he had just been in a major accident. After he walked out of the quarterfinals, people kept talking about how his injury might still affect him.

So, R9 cut did something really crazy. He had a terrible haircut when he played Turkey in the quarterfinals. But it turned out that it was all part of a brilliant plan. 

“My groin was hurting. I was only at 60%. So I shaved my head.”

“Everybody was only talking about my injury. When I arrived in training with this haircut everybody stopped talking about the injury.”

The most famous one was when he got the R9 haircut in 2002. One of the most unusual haircuts a football player has ever had.

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What Did r9 Haircut Really Look Like?

r9 haircut

The R9 has a shaved head with a tiny amount of hair on top. Typically, the fringe is styled into a point or a quiff. Men who wish to make a striking statement with their hairstyle should consider the R9 Ronaldo haircut. It is also an excellent choice for men who are balding or whose hair is diminishing, as it can help conceal these conditions.

Other Footballers Inspired By R9 cut

1. Neymar’s r9 Haircut

r9 cut

2. Former Liverpool player Xherdan Shaqiri r9 cut

r9 cut

3. Brazilian Striker Richarlison

r9 cut

Best R9 Haircut Ideas

This haircut became a meme of the month 2018.

r9 cut

A Redditor got r9 cut.

r9 haircut

Guy with r9 cut banned from school because of the haircut. So sad! Isn’t it?

guy with r9 cut

Where is R9 currently?

R9, a two-time FIFA World Cup champion, has maintained his ties to soccer to the present day. Now that he controls the Brasileiro Série A club Cruzeiro, he is a businessman. He is also the president of Real Valladolid of La Liga. 

Ronaldo became a majority stakeholder of Real Valladolid in September 2018.

In conclusion, Ronaldo could never be accused of establishing fashion trends. Liked my article, make sure to visit Genz Fashion Trends again.

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