How to Style Curtain Bangs

Are you struggling to style your new trendy curtain bangs? I’m here to give you some super practical, easy styling tips that can work for wet or dry hair.

Messy Bun Squad. Messy Bun Club. I don’t really know what to call us.

I’m rocking that Messy Bun, but when we want to look cute, I want to make sure that you have the tools to do so. 

So a couple weeks ago, I made a real quick post about how to do perfect bubble braids on short hair

Well, soon after, I feel like I also keep seeing curtain bangs pop up everywhere, and I keep getting questions about them. 

How to Style Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs usually trend about once a year, and apparently, now is their time to shine. Curtain bangs are a great option for so many people. They fit all face shapes, and they’re the bangs that I normally would recommend when I was working at the salon because they’re a low commitment bang. 

It’s a good entry level bang for people who want a little something but don’t want to commit to full for on forehead bangs. Full on forehead bangs. I can’t say it, I’m sorry, I just put it in there. 

Tools You Need To Set Your Bangs

So the tools you’ll need are a blow dryer with a concentrator on the end.

You also need a hold styling product if your hair is wet and a heat protection styling product.

It’s ideal to style curtain bangs with a blowdryer and a medium-barrel round brush, and to blow dry the bangs away from the face backwards. (You can start with damp or dry hair, but damp hair will hold the look better.) When they’re dry, apply pomade (or dry texturizing spray) to the bangs and crimp them into place. To set, spritz your hair with hairspray.

Wrapping Up:

Curtain bangs require little daily maintenance other than blow drying or dry shampooing if they become oily. If you don’t think the ends are curled enough, I propose wetting and drying them or using a curling iron to bend the ends to your liking.

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