What Does ATP Mean on TikTok?

Many people on TikTok use the word “ATP” a lot. On the site, this word can mean more than one thing. But today we’re here to learn what TikTok’s ATP code stands for. We’ll also look at some cases to help you understand it better.

What Does ATP Mean on TikTok?

ATP stands for “At This Point” on TikTok. Saying “ATP” at the start or end of a sentence means “right now” or “at this point in time.” 

Besides that, there are other ways to use it, which I have given in the below examples.

How to Use ATP Slang in TikTok Conversations with 

Person A: I’ve changed the time of our meeting five times ATP.
Person B: Don’t you think it’s time to find a time that works for everyone?

Person A: I’m sick of meeting late all the time, ATP. 
Person B: Of course I do. They’ve turned into habits.

Person A: ATP, I’m done trying to understand my girlfriend.
Person B: Everyone finds it hard. You’re not the only one!

Person A: ATP, I forget to buy food all the time.
Person B: Write down what you need to buy; it will help you remember.

Person A: I’m sure my neighbour doesn’t know what noise control ATP is.
Person B: We need to be honest with them now.

Person A: I’m again late, ATP.
Person B: It happens all the time, you might want to set timers.

Person A: ATP, I watched all three seasons of that show in one sitting.
Person B: You must be hooked now! We’re all guilty of it sometimes.

Person A: I’ve been studying for hours, but I still don’t get it ATP.
Person B: Don’t worry, you’ll get it soon enough.

Person A: Did you see my keys? I don’t see them ATP; it’s so annoying!
Person B: Get a key holder.

Person A: ATP, I think I need a break from my break.
Person B: It can be tiring to travel, so take a day off.

Final Words

So, I hope that the above cases help you understand what ATP on TikTok means. If you want to learn the meanings of some more cool slang words, follow the topics below.

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