What does rizz mean on TikTok?

Hello everyone today i am going to talk about one of the most talked phrase/slang on TikTok. This slang is rizz. But do you know what does rizz mean on TikTok? And how to and where to use it?. How many types of rizz are there?

Well If you don’t then just scroll down. I have explained everything about rizz on TikTok.

What does rizz mean on TikTok?

Rizz means on TikTok is to impress someone you want to be with. People add rizz on their TikTok chat to show that they are looking for love and romance.

It’s usually used for guys to attract women, but it could be used for any sex to attract anyone.

Who made rizz slang so famous?

Kai Cenat, a famous Twitch streamer and YouTuber, often uses the word “rizz” to talk about how good he is at getting women to like him.

Kai Cenat has been in charge of the “Rizz Academy” since July 2021. This is a place where his friends can learn how to be better at dating.

But they’ll need to get one of three “rizz grades” from Cenat—W, V, or L—if they really want to find that special link.

Now here L is the worst, and W means you “won” for your efforts. 

If you’re W Rizz, it means you know how to seduce people.


So now I hope you are well aware of “rizz”. 

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