What does ASL mean on TikTok?

Hello everyone today i am going to explain one of the most famous phrase/slang on TikTok. This slang is ASL. We all might have seen this a lot on TikTok. But do you know what does ASL mean on TikTok?

If you don’t then just scroll a little. 

What does ASL mean on TikTok?

Most people use ASL to say “as hell” on TikTok. Some have started using the acronym in their posts on and off of TikTok to share that they are not feeling good about something.

Another meaning of ASL is  American Sign Language. The app has a lot of material about it, like lessons, tutorials, and song covers. It will most likely be put in all capital letters in this case.

Sometime ASL is also used as “age, sex, location” on TikTok and some dating apps. We can say people use ASL like this on apps like Tinder and Omegle.

Important Note

it’s important to note that some of these meanings aren’t just for TikTok. The term that is used in a video or comment will depend on the situation.


So now I hope you are well aware of ASL. Where and how to use it. 

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