What Does NPC Mean on TikTok?

Hello my lovely readers today we are going to talk about NPC on TikTok. As we all know that TikTok is a wildly popular social media platform. TikTok has given birth to numerous trends and slang. NPC is one of them.

But what does NPC mean on TikTok whats its usage?. We will see everything so lets go and explore this term.

What Does NPC Mean on TikTok?

NPC stands for “Non-Playable Character” on TikTok. This term is borrowed from the gaming world. However, it has taken on a new life on TikTok. 

NPC Meaning in Gaming vs. TikTok

Gamers use NPC to describe characters controlled by the game itself.

On TikTok, NPC now characterize individuals who mindlessly follow trends or societal expectations.

What is NPC behavior?

Lets see, NPC behavior includes not having a strong opinion about anything or responding to talks or situations in a way that is easy to guess.

Origin of NPC on TikTok

The term NPC didn’t originate on TikTok. Instead, it emerged from the gaming community, referring to characters within a game that lack the complexity of a player-controlled character.

However, On TikTok NPC has evolved into a social commentary tool, describing individuals who conform to societal norms without critical thinking or i can say not having strong opinion.


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