How Much Does the Earth Cost?

Even though Earth is the most valuable place we know, it’s not priceless. The resources on Earth and the benefit they provide to people have a huge, real cost. 

Who is able to put a price on the Earth? Why would we want to do something like that? I think the answer to the second question is deep in the heart of capitalism, so that one is easy. How much does the Earth cost?

Key Points

Astrophysicist Greg Laughlin has calculated that Earth is worth $5 quadrillion.

Laughlin’s method takes into account a planet’s main star, how big it looks, and whether it is habitable.

The cost of Earth is affected by the worth of its resources, like minerals, fossil fuels, and forests.

How Much Does The Earth Cost?

We’ve found that one estimate puts the value of the Earth at $5 quadrillion dollars.

There are more zeros there than most of us will ever see in our lives. I think the number must be pretty big… They are, after all, adding up everything on Earth, including the land.

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What Does That Include Anyways?

You have to think about a lot of things when you try to figure out how much a planet is worth. How close are the next door neighbors? Do a lot of people use the star-way?

Laughlin calculated the worth of other planets in our solar system based on their ability to provide resources for living things. He did this to show how important Earth really is. It costs $16,000 to visit Mars, which is a lot less than the average price of a used car right now.

Can anyone sell or buy the Earth?

Yes, that is the clear answer. Everyone on Earth has something important to offer, like land and water, which no one owns. It is against the rights of the people and other living things that live on Earth to buy or sell the whole thing.  

What is the highest-priced item in the world?

It takes about $150 billion to plan and build the International Space Station. And now running it costs about $3.1 billion a year.

Is the Moon for sale? 

How much is the moon really worth? Is the moon for sale? The Moon, like Earth, is shared by all people and meets their needs, so it does not have a direct owner. 

In fact, the Outer Space Treaty of 1967 says that buying land on the moon is against the law. No person or business can claim any land on the moon.

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