275 Questions to Ask on Sendit –Funny, Flirty, Spicy, Juicy and Romantic

Hey everyone! Welcome back to our blog. Today, we’re diving into an exciting topic that’s sure to elevate your Snapchat game. If you’ve ever felt stuck in a conversation, unable to think of interesting questions to keep the dialogue flowing, you’re not alone. To help you out, we’ve compiled over 200 flirty and funny questions to ask on Sendit. But before we jump into the questions, let’s understand what Sendit is and why it’s become an essential tool for engaging interactions on Snapchat.

What is Sendit?

Sendit is a new Snapchat add-on that allows users to send anonymous messages to their contacts or friends. Unlike regular Snapchat messages, Sendit messages don’t reveal the sender’s identity. This anonymity can add an element of mystery and excitement to your conversations, making them more intriguing and fun.

Why Use Sendit?

Using Sendit can make your interactions more spontaneous and engaging. Here are a few reasons why Sendit is becoming increasingly popular:

  • Anonymity: The anonymous nature of Sendit messages encourages more honest and open communication.
  • Fun and Mysterious: The mystery of not knowing who sent a message can make conversations more entertaining.
  • Engagement: By using creative and thought-provoking questions, you can keep your friends interested and engaged.

Hot and Spicy Questions to Ask on Sendit

If you want to add some spice to your Sendit conversations, try asking these hot and spicy questions. They can lead to interesting discussions and maybe even a few laughs.

  • Have you ever liked someone a lot? Describe it.
  • What’s the worst thing you could say about someone?
  • Do you follow people on social media a lot? Who?
  • What do you think makes a great friendship or love match?
  • What dark secret are you hiding?
  • How did your parents meet?
  • What was the last book you read? Tell me about it.
  • If you died tomorrow, what would you want people to remember about you?
  • How did you feel the first time you kissed? Describe the experience.
  • Have you ever wanted someone but couldn’t get them?

Hot and spicy questions to ask on Sendit

  1. Have you ever liked someone a lot? Describe it.
  2. What’s the worst thing you could say about someone?
  3. Most of the time, do you follow people on social media? Who?
  4. Let me know what you think makes a great friendship or love match.
  5. Everybody hides something dark. What have you?
  6. What did your parents do to get together?
  7. What was the last book you read? Tell me about it.
  8. If you died tomorrow, what do you want people to remember about you?
  9. How did you feel the first time you kissed? Explain what took place and how.
  10. Have you ever wanted someone but couldn’t get them?
  11. Are you okay with having surgery on your face?
  12. Tell a story about a time when something taught you something significant.
  13. Do you believe in love at first sight? What’s going on?
  14. Why do we say “after dark” when it’s really “after light”?
  15. Whose life do you want to live?
  16. Someone once told you something really great.
  17. If you were God for a day, what would you change?
  18. What would you do instead of calling 911 if you were in trouble?
  19. What are you most grateful for in your life? Don’t leave things open.
  20. Why do you no longer believe the things you used to? Why did you change your mind?
  21. Tell a story about a time you went the extra mile to help someone. 20. Talk about a time when you were mad at someone and wanted to hurt them.
  22. What do you wish you hadn’t learned in school?
  23. Where did all the money go if everyone owes money?
  24. Which color would you remove from the world if you could?
  25. Would you rather have a sickness that makes you say every thought that comes to your mind or one that makes you have terrible reactions to everything that happens to you and around you?
  26. How do you feel about getting even?
  27. What would happen if the government made everything illegal?
  28. Let’s say you could change your eyes’ color. Do you want to?
  29. Do you think fish need water all the time?
  30. What do you believe is the worst thing someone could put in their dating app bio?
  31. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
  32. Which animal would be the rudest if they could all talk?
  33. What have you always meant to do but never got around to? What the heck?
  34. Do you think you’ve lost your life so far? What’s going on?
  35. Share a story about a time you were very scared, tense, or worried.
  36. What’s the worst thing you’ve done?
  37. What would you do if you knew you had 24 hours to live?
  38. How many times has something made your heart hurt?
  39. What would it be like to cry in the ocean?
  40. Do you think it’s possible to blow up a balloon that’s underwater?
  41. Why would your five-year-old self come into your body in the first place?
  42. Who knows what you’d put in your belly button if you could only have one sauce?
  43. If you won a million dollars, what would you do?
  44. Which would you rather live in: the city or the country? Why?
  45. Who gives a certain dog food a try when they say it tastes different and better?
  46. What is one thing your dogs would say that would make you look bad if they could talk?
  47. What would you eat on your last meal if you were on death row?
  48. What kind of animal eats the way you do?
  49. Do you hear words in your head too?
  50. What is the funniest thing you know?
  51. What does the mirror look like?
  52. What is the most important thing to you?
  53. Your best friend and boyfriend are both about to die. Who would try to save you first?
  54. Who do you spend the most time with and who are the most important people in your life? Why?
  55. If zombies took over the world, how long do you think you’d last?
  56. You could marry your dream person if you gave up your phone for a year. Would you do it?
  57. Can you fly? Would your wings get tired like our legs do when we walk?
  58. If life were a video game, what cheat code would you want to use the most?
  59. How can you tell if someone likes you or wants to know more about you?
  60. What do you feel bad about right now?
  61. What would you do if you didn’t have to work for a year?
  62. What scares and worries you the most? What do they mean to you?
  63. Who could become your student and learn everything you know? What would you teach them?
  64. When was the best day of your life?
  65. What does the word “ok” mean to you?
  66. You were thrown 400 years into the past without any clothes or other things. How would you prove you were from the future?
  67. If a genie could give you one wish, what would it be?
  68. Do you think that aliens exist?
  69. How do you remember the best thing?
  70. Did you ever use someone else’s car without being asked?
  71. There are no human children born to mermaids, but they do lay eggs.
  72. Which haircut would you choose if you could only have one for the rest of your life? Straight or curly?

Truth or Dare Questions to Ask on Sendit

  1. Have you ever smelled bad in public?
  2. Did you ever mess up on a test?
  3. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done for love?
  4. What do you like to do with friends that you would never do with your partner?
  5. When did you kiss someone for the first time?
  6. When it comes to Instagram stars, what do you think?
  7. If you had to, which app would you get rid of from your phone?
  8. How often do you wear clothes before you wash them?
  9. What would you do if you didn’t have to worry about money?
  10. Have you ever done something crazy in front of other people?
  11. How do you make it?
  12. This is the worst thing you’ve ever said in a text message.
  13. What was the weirdest place you went to the bathroom?
  14. Have you ever used free meat in a soup?
  15. Have you ever given someone a gift that didn’t cost much?
  16. Your mom or your dad?
  17. What do you like best about the guy to your right?
  18. Tell me about the worst kiss you’ve ever had.
  19. Do you like kids?
  20. What is the worst thing someone has ever said to you?
  21. Have you ever seen someone that was already dead?
  22. Would you kill yourself right now if you had the chance?
  23. Do you ever wish you could cheat on your partner or spouse?
  24. When did you last say you were sorry? What for?
  25. In what places do you feel itchy?
  26. What do you wish you did differently?
  27. What do you really think about President Buhari?
  28. Say your best friend’s phone number out loud.
  29. Do you like to watch sex videos?
  30. What would make you break up with your partner?
  31. Which of these crazy things have you done to show someone you hate them?
  32. What did you buy that you wish you hadn’t?
  33. When was the last time you took a bath?
  34. If you knew you would never be caught, what would you do?
  35. When your life ends, what do you want to do?
  36. Which person do you wish you had never dated?
  37. Have you ever had extra of something?
  38. What was the last thing you stole?
  39. Which person do you wish you had gone out with?
  40. Who irritates you the most and why?
  41. Have you ever gone to church on foot?
  42. Tell me one bad thing you do.
  43. Do you believe any tales from the past?
  44. What would you never do for love?
  45. Have you ever told a lie to someone you were with?
  46. Have you ever written someone a love letter?
  47. Tell the truth: Which of your parents would you kill for sure?
  48. Have you ever been seen in public without clothes on?
  49. Have you ever gone on a date just to get paid?
  50. What nasty thing did you say about someone that hurt them the most?
  51. Have you ever made up a number to show how old you are?
  52. What is the stranger thing you did in someone’s home?
  53. Have you ever liked a teacher more than anyone else?
  54. When was the last time you shaved your armpits?
  55. What worries you the most about a relationship?
  56. Which app keeps you the busiest?

What Are Some Cute Flirty Questions to Ask on Sendit?

  1. Have you ever used one of your favorite pick-up lines that worked?  
  2. What famous actors or actresses can’t play other parts because they were so good at their main role?
  3. Who in a book or movie would make the worst roommate?
  4. Do you like to hang out at night or over coffee?
  5. If you couldn’t be guilty of any crime, what kind of crime would you want to be safe from?
  6. Have you ever spent the whole day without underwear?
  7. What quickly goes out of style?
  8. Who was the worst person you kissed?
  9. What have you given up for your partner that is very important to you?
  10. What feature on your phone do you really want a company to add?
  11. Which brand do you always buy?
  12. What word is a lot of fun to say?
  13. Who is the happiest or unluckiest person in your life?
  14. What was your favorite meal ever?
  15. Which date was your favorite?
  16. When you think about the future, do you see me?
  17. Do I make your heart beat fast? 
  18. When you can’t sleep, how do you make yourself?
  19. What did you dream about last night?
  20. When you get old, what do you think kids will want you to tell them stories about?
  21. How do you know if you love someone?
  22. What would you do if your boss suddenly gave you three days off to rest and recharge?
  23. What’s the worst movie trope?
  24. What do you think of a cute name for me?
  25. When was the last time you slept for more than nine hours?
  26. What makes you smile when you’re sad?
  27. When you see that style, does it make you laugh or cringe?
  28. What’s the cutest thing you see? It hurts to look at something so cute.
  29. Who do you think is the sneakiest person you’ve ever met?
  30. What was the most important time or date you missed?
  31. Do you really love me?
  32. What makes you laugh the most about kids?
  33. Have you thought about me in your dreams yet?
  34. How would you describe yourself? 
  35. If you had to start over, how would you like your life to be?
  36. Where do you get most of the things you use to decorate your home?
  37. How do you judge someone?
  38. Which movie or book do you quote from most often?
  39. Where do you think our date should take place? 
  40. Have you ever loved someone right away?
  41. What did you hear that was the strangest?
  42. What worries you the most about a relationship?
  43. Which do you like better: flirting on Snapchat or in real life?
  44. What do you think will seem strange to people your age when you were young?
  45. How do you feel when I’m around?
  46. What are some things you have to have in a partner?
  47. When someone fought with you over something stupid, what was it?
  48. In a year, do you think we’ll still be able to Snapchat?
  49. What do you like to play most in a casino?
  50. Is there something funny you’ve done in a car?
  51. How do you handle hiccups?
  52. What is something that only people who work in your area know?
  53. How do all of your friends have the same traits?
  54. What is your favorite strange smell?
  55. What songs take you back to your youth every time you hear them?
  56. What is the strangest thing that always happens to you?
  57. Have you ever gone out with someone for one night?
  58. What do people think makes them look cool but actually makes them look less cool?
  59. I want to know something.
  60. What kind of superpower would you want that doesn’t matter much?
  61. Would you like to hug or hold hands?
  62. What do you not understand about this trend?
  63. How do you think people show love?
  64. What’s your favorite way to find love? 
  65. What would the world be like if everyone was an exact copy of you?
  66. Do you talk about me with your friends?
  67. What would happen to your country if everyone, of any age, could vote?
  68. Place where you would hide a giraffe if you had to.
  69. You don’t have to worry about money or ease of use. What would be the coolest way to get around town?
  70. What’s great about meeting someone new?
  71. What is really cheap but costs a lot more?
  72. Which language sounds the best?
  73. What is a dream that you think is real but isn’t?
  74. What do you want to achieve?
  75. May I kiss you without being asked? 
  76. What can you do to make the world a better place?
  77. What idea has changed the world for the better but doesn’t get much attention?
  78. What would you like someone to ask you?
  79. What kind of job will there be in the future but not now?
  80. How would you sum up yourself in three words?

Funny Questions to Ask on Sendit

  1. Where would you like to go with me on vacation?
  2. What’s the most interesting book you’ve read lately?
  3. If you could only have one dish sauce, what would you put in your belly button?  
  4. Which holiday spot would you choose?
  5. What would you change about the rain if you could, and why? 
  6. What skill do you want to get better at?
  7. How would you tell your younger self to be smarter?
  8. If it’s illegal to drive too fast, then why are cars made to go that fast?
  9. If life were a video game, what trick code would you want to use the most?
  10. Which of the following is the funniest thing that has happened to you lately?
  11. What have you done that is the most important?
  12. What is a strange fact about you that not many people know?
  13. When was the last time you went to the toilet in bed? 
  14. Tell me about something you’ve always meant to say but never got the chance.
  15. If it only pays out when the person dies, why is it called “life insurance”?
  16. What’s your favourite thing about Sendit?
  17. How can you tell what colour the mirror is?
  18. What kind of animal best describes you?
  19. Which Sendit story is your favourite so far?
  20. What’s going on with you right now?
  21. What skill do you keep hidden?
  22. Is a room still a bedroom if it doesn’t have a bed? 
  23. What do you wish your mum didn’t know about you?
  24. Does giving a cow lots of good things make its milk go bad? 
  25. What food makes you feel better?
  26. Do you want to learn more about a certain skill or subject?
  27. What was your favourite thing we did together?
  28. Why does a grapefruit not look or taste like a grape?
  29. Which age do you like best so far?
  30. What is the worst thing someone has said about you?
  31. You can say something is cold, but peppers are “hot.” Why?
  32. Where was the worst fart you’ve ever had? 
  33. In what strange place did your hair grow?
  34. What would you do if you were accidentally sent to a mental hospital? 
  35. How would you prove that you’re not crazy?
  36. Where have you seen the stranger do the strangest thing in public?
  37. What about you would surprise me?
  38. Why do round pizzas come in square boxes?
  39. What do you call a male ladybird?
  40. If you were caught for no reason and your face was all over the news, what would your family and friends think you did?
  41. More than or less than? That’s the question.
  42. If you wake up looking like a mess, why is it called “beauty sleep”?
  43. If you were caught for no reason and your face was all over the news, what would your family and friends think you did? 
  44. What does “lipstick” mean if it doesn’t stick your lips together?
  45. Which of these crazy things have you done in front of the mirror?
  46. Can blind people see what they dream?
  47. What gift would you give to your enemy? 
  48. What’s steamier than a soup bowl?
  49. Tell me something new about New Zealand.
  50. What gift would you give to your enemy?
  51. They have two kinds of skin, which makes it hard for them to pick a foundation.
  52. Have you ever called someone just to bother them?
  53. Would you rather eat a cake made of fabric or wear a dress made of cake stuff? 
  54. What was the stupidest thing you did to hurt yourself?
  55. What was the funniest thing that happened to you today?
  56. If it only pays out when someone dies, why is it called “life insurance”?What do you call a movie about your life?
  57. Can you tell the difference between chairs made of wood, iron, and plastic in terms of how they taste? How?
  58. What is the best insult that only uses one word that isn’t a swear word?
  59. How about a character from a book, TV show, or movie that you love, but would drive you crazy if you had to deal with them in real life?
  60. Would you say you like to try new things?
  61. Is a room still a bedroom if it doesn’t have a bed?
  62. Because the beach never waves back, do you think the sea is salty? 
  63. Have you ever Snapchatted the wrong person?
  64. What was the stupidest thing you did to hurt yourself?
  65. Tell me what you’d be good at working in a mental hospital.
  66. What will happen if a doctor is in surgery and has a heart attack? Will the other doctors and nurses help him first?
  67. What do you call a movie about your life?


Hope you will like these questions and use them in your upcoming dates. Feel free to modify them as you feel comfirtable and dont forget to comment down your experience below.

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