What does ‘blud’ mean?

Hello everyone today we are going to talk about one of the most mysterious words and that is blud. 

You may have seen this word on lots of social media like TikTok, Facebook and Instagram chat.

So what does blud mean and where to use it?. We are going to see that.

Blud Meaning on Social Media 

Blud means bro which people use to address a men who is bro figure to them. This term is derived from the phrase “blood brother”. Generally men/boys use it to greet their brother like friends.

Origin of Blud

The word “blud” was first used as a swear word by Jamaicans. It was then taken by people in the UK as an alternative to “mate.”


So now you know that blud means a brother like friend figure. And you can use this word instead of mate. 

So start using calling your best friends a blud. And share this article to let them know meaning of this word. 

Nowadays lots of TikTok users are using blud in their friends video comments. And some of them are using blud in their favorite creators’ video comment section.

See you all in next article till then keep visiting Genz Fashion Trends for more such cool articles.

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