What does FAFO mean in text? With 5 Examples

Hello everyone today we will talk about one of the most used social media slang and that is FAFO. Nowadays people are using this phrase on TikTok, Facebook and instagram like apps.

So lets see what does it mean and few of its example to understand this slang more.

What does FAFO mean in text

FAFO means “F**k around and find out” in text and all the other social media platform like TikTok, Facebook etc. 

There is one famous phrase “if you will play with sea you will get drowned”. You can use this phrase to tell people dont mess with you just because you are calm in nature.

Examples on How to Use FAFO slang in daily conversation.

Person A: Have you heard about Tom spreading rumors about you?
Person B: Yeah, I caught wind of it. FAFO, though. F**k around and find out.
Person A: Absolutely. He’s playing with fire if he thinks I’ll let that slide.

Person A: That new colleague thinks they can take credit for my work.
Person B: Not cool. FAFO vibes, right?|
Person A: Exactly. They better watch out. F**k around and find out.

Person A: Someone keyed your car? What are you gonna do?
Person B: FAFO, my friend. F**k around and find out. I won’t let it slide.
Person A: They’re in for a rude awakening.

Person A: Did you confront that person who was talking smack about your family?
Person B: Oh, you bet I did. FAFO mode activated. F**k around and find out.
Person A: Good for you. Some people need a reality check.

Person A: Your ex keeps texting you, causing drama.
Person B: I told them to back off. FAFO, right there. F**k around and find out.
Person A: They’ll learn soon enough. Can’t mess with us.


I hope you find this information helpful and if you do then let me know if you want to know more about cool slangs like these.

So see ya in next article till then checkout our more related articles mentioned below.

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