what does RT mean in text

Hello my internet family. Today we are going to see what does RT mean in text and social media. 

You might have seen this slang on different social media like TikTok, Snapchat and Twitter. And wondering what is this RT. But i am sure that after reading this article you will know everything about RT slang.

What does RT Mean in Text?

RT means “Real Talk”. You can use this phrase to start or ask for an honest, sincere, or direct talk or opinion about something.

Using RT you can directly ask anyone their true opinion about you or something. Its like you are saying dont sugarcoat anything be real be true to me.

How to Use RT in Social Media

I have mentioned example on how to use RT on social media. Please check them below.


a user might post a video about mental health with the caption “RT: It’s okay not to be okay,” which shows that they are sharing a real personal experience or point of view.

You can show to the world your ok and not okay face. 


On the other hand, people can use “RT” in the comments to agree with something said in a video, which means what you just saw in the video was said is true or important.

what does RT mean on Twitter

RT means Retweet in Twitter.


RT is very simple and important slang to use. Because nowadays you will find fake people and thoughts everywhere. So use RT and be real. 

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