How to Style a Messy Fringe Explained (Male)

Hey everybody, I hope we’re all doing well. My name is Vijay. I’m going to be showing you how to style a messy fringe.

How to Style a Messy Fringe Step by Step

Step 1:

Before we dive into the actual styling, it’s important to make sure your hair is clean and damp.

Let your hair air dry a bit, but it’s still a little bit damp.

The first thing before we style the messy fringe we’re going to do is we’re going to take some sea salt spray to use as our pre-styler.

The amount you use completely depends on the length of your hair, but if your hair is around the medium length as mine, which is just down, just past my eyebrow, I’m going to use about five sprays.

You also want to make sure you’re spraying it in different parts of your head.

That’s going to give your hair a more well-rounded textured look.

Now I’m going to take my hands and just distribute it evenly around my head, coming from the roots all the way to the top and really get through here, you know, don’t miss a spot.

From here, it’s time to let your hair dry.

Step 2:

Let your hair air dry in the sun, but you can also use a hairdryer with a diffuser attachment to save time.

Either way, while your hair is drying, it’s important to be putting a bit of texture in as it is.

You can do that by almost massaging your head with your fingers and sort of using a claw motion with your hands to create more texture.

Okay, my hair is now dry.

Step 3:

It’s already looking a lot better than it did at the start. 

However, we do want a little bit more texture and we want this look to hold all day.

So in order to achieve that, I’m gonna be using some grooming clay.

The grooming clay is gonna add a bit more texture and make it hold all day.

It also has a lovely coconut scent. Yes I have got coconut scented one.

Just gonna rub it into my hands and use that same claw motion to distribute it from the roots, getting it in everywhere, don’t miss a spot.

Always make sure you’re doing this little poking thing with your fingers to create more texture.

And that’s sort of what we’re left with.

Step 4: 

Optional final step, if you still want a bit more volume, you can use some dust.

Dust is probably our easiest product to use.

All you’re gonna do is unscrew the cap, put a little bit into your hair.

I’m only gonna use a tiny bit and then that same claw motion.

And there we go, instant volume.

And also while you’re there let me know what you think of this messy fringe style.

If you’re interested in trying this style at home, you totally can.

Make sure all products you use are designed specifically to help you achieve messy and textured looks, whether that be a middle part, a messy fringe, or even a side part.

I would also add not to use harmful chemical products.

I hope you have got at least some ideas on how to style a messy fringe in my blog. See you later. Visit Genz Fashion Trends for more hairstyle ideas.

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