How to Style Curly Hair Men

Many guys are starting to like the way curly hair looks because it is different and stands out. A poll of 2,000 people found that 42% more men had curly hair in the last five years.

As more and more women wear their hair naturally, guys need to learn how to style their curls.

This piece has all the information you need to style and take care of curly hair on men in 2024 and beyond.

Men’s curly hair is hard to style because it has a lot of structure, bounce, and tends to frizz or loose its shape during the day. Getting great curls that stay in place all day without looking oily or heavy from product takes work.

Different kinds of curly hair

Men with curly hair can have it wavy, curled, or kinky. Form of the strands and how well they hold moisture affect curls.

Curls that are wavy tend to be softer and have more minor bends in them. Curls that are coiled tend to be tighter and look more springy overall. Kinky curls look thicker and more tightly wound than both wavy and coiled curls.

Taking good care of men’s curly hair will keep it in the healthiest state possible and help them keep the styling choices they already have.

This includes shampoos, conditioners, leave-in treatments, clays, sprays, and other hair care products made just for this type of hair. When brushing, don’t use heat; let the hair dry naturally or use a diffuser with cool air only.

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How to style curly hair for men:

  • Daily conditioner is best, and the squeezing method is the best way to dry your hair. Then, use a wide-toothed comb to go through your damp hair, parting it in the middle or on the side.
  • Use a lot of care cream to give your long hair a light shine and hold. Then, let it go its own way. Start by putting it on the ends and finger-combing your way to the roots.
  • You could also use fiber gel, which has a stronger hold but is still bendable. This will help long curls stand up to wind, sun, and long stake-outs.
  • When you need to keep your big hair under tight control, try a man bun or half-down man bun. In these styles, only the top half of your hair is pulled back, letting the back fly free. You can use a ribbon to tie off your bun, or you can use a bobby pin.
  • Use an elastic hairband and a horse tail for full control. To keep the front, sides, and back from frizzing up, slick them down with pomade or hair cream. Finger-comb curls into your not-a-ponytail with grooming cream.
  • If you have looser curls, you want items that will bring out the kink in your hair, but don’t do it too much. Think hair mousses, curl creams, and sea salt sprays for guys.

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