How to tie a Bow Tie Step by Step

As a family tree, the bow tie comes from the tied cravat. This style came about because people wanted a necktie that was easier to put on than a cravat and would last all day. The butterfly and batwing bow tie was very popular by the end of the 1800s. A black bow tie went with a dinner jacket, and a white bow tie went with evening tails. Bow ties are mostly worn for formal events these days, but they have become more popular for everyday wear in the last ten years. Men who want to stand out from their friends should wear a bow tie.

How to tie a bow tie step by step

Step 01

Set one end of the bow tie a few inches longer than the other. This is the first thing you need to do to tie it. You should wear the tie so that the longer part is on your right side.

Step 02

Pull the longer piece under the bow tie and then up behind it while holding it in your hand.

Step 03

Fold the bow tie’s shorter end across the middle.

Step 04

Cross the longer bow tie end over the shorter one.

Step 05

Fifth, fold the bow tie’s longer end across the middle.

Step 06 

Put the longer bow tie end through the hole on the back of the shorter end.

Step 07

To make the knot tighter, gently pull on both ends.

Step 08 

Make any necessary changes. Don’t worry if there are some flaws; they give the piece character.

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