How to Style Long Hair Men

It can be hard to explain what long hair means for guys. Take a look: We have these words for different types of shots: A crew cut or #2 buzz is something that most guys know what it looks like. When we say “long hair,” though, we generally mean “metalhead.” or Jason Momoa. 

Recently, though, we’ve been crazy about something long—but not quite “long hair.” It’s kind of like when you slowly grow out your hair and have one of those rare good hair days. We ask: Why not always have nice hair? It is possible, but only if you use the right goods, tools, and routine.

How to style long hair men

For guys with long hair, it’s important to know the basics and the problems that come with styling it before you start.

First, hair on guys is usually thicker and rougher than hair on women. This might make it harder to style and keep up.

Long hair can also get frizzy and tangled easily, which can be annoying.

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Why picking the right tools and products for men’s long hair important?

Men with long hair can easily style it if they have the right products and tools. It’s important to pick the right shampoo, conditioner, and styling tools to keep your hair healthy and strong and give you a good base for styling.

How to style long hair for guys


Putting out a lot of air is bad. It’s also possible that your hair is getting bigger because you’re not putting product on the right part of it.

Do not do too much

One important change in styling medium-length and long hair for guys is the use of lighter products. When compared to shorter styles, hold isn’t as important because gravity makes things easier.

Make sure you use a good hair dryer

Men with long hair can easily style it with the right blow-drying method and styling tools, such as a good hair dryer. 

When brushing long hair, good hair dryers let you choose how much heat to use, which is great. They also have a cool setting that lets you blast cold air at the end.

Combs and Brushes for Men’s Long Hair

Getting the look you want with long hair requires more than just picking the right products. You also need to make sure you have the right styling tools. 

A comb and a brush are two of the most important tools for styling long hair on men. They can help straighten, smooth, and shape hair.

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