What does a Lion Tattoo Mean?

You might want to get a lion tattoo. Or maybe one of a cougar or a cub? Before you jump at that idea, you might want to think about all the different things that lion tattoo means.

We’ll look into the wild world of lion tattoos and what they mean in this post. Of course, each lion tattoo has its own story, which will be different for each person. However, knowing the deep meanings behind these beautiful wild cats can give your tattoo even more meaning, above and beyond its artistic appeal.


Not much is known about the history of the lion symbol in tattoos, but a lot has been written about the history of the lion in art and society in general. Lions have been drawn since at least 32,000 years ago. We’re talking about an ivory carving of a lion’s head that was found in a Vogelherd cave in the southwestern part of Germany, in the Swabian Alb. The Aurignacian people lived in the Upper Palaeolithic, and this carving is from that time.

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A lion tattoo is often a sign of strength, bravery, confidence, and not being afraid of anything. The lion is a symbol of power, courage, wisdom, and not being afraid of anything, whether it is drawn realistically or in a stylized way.

There are carvings and paintings of lions all over the world from many different countries. They are found in both religious and secular texts.


Both male and female wild lions are very brave in their own territory. So, the lion has always been a sign of bravery. You may remember that the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz was not like other lions. So, getting a lion tattoo is a strong sign that you are brave enough to face your fears no matter what form they take. 


This animal is very big and strong. It can weigh up to 190 kg and is over 2.5 m long. Lions have been known to kill with just one paw hit. A very early European traveler wrote that his horse was killed “by a single blow of a lion’s paw.”


Cats live together in big groups called prides. Though some big prides have more than one king lion, most prides only have one. As leader of the pride, the king’s job is to keep the lionesses and cubs safe.


A good name for him is “king of the jungle.” Lions have long been a sign of power and honor. In fact, a pride of lions is what we call a bunch of them because they look and act like kings.

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